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In this short blurb, we will compare two images shot in studio. These two photos were shot under consistent lighting and camera settings, though the equipment varied greatly.

In the first image we see the results possible with a ten year old, $200 Sony Cybershot.

In this next image we see the only subtle difference afforded by the newest, most expensive camera available for rent at Adorama, NYC, the Sony a7Riv or whatever.

What we find is that, sure, the new camera provides a higher resolution and superior color accuracy. This was a project requirement due to the “jeweler’s loupe” zoom feature on the site. See all the final images here.

But, we can clearly see that the control in this comparison shows that the primary variable is not the camera, but the lighting. With a properly lit scene, the consumer grade camera produces an impressive result to say the least. Taken with similar settings and focal length, the image produced with the high end camera produces only marginally better results.

I think the take away is that quality photography is a result of not the camera but the photographer.

“The camera alone does not make a great image in the same way that a pen doesn’t make a great novel.”

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