Drew Paul

Who is Drew?

Dr. Drew Paul, DD, CEA was born to an American father and a Palestinian mother. Noted technologist, artist and entrepreneur, Drew Paul currently resides in New York City where he operates several technology, marketing, and multimedia production based businesses.

Early Life and Education
Drew relocated to Florida, USA at an early age. Educated in the public school system, Drew Paul supplemented his education with autonomous extra-curricular studies throughout his early childhood including studies in art, history, music, science, astronomy, and medicine. It is rumored that Drew Paul began his first successful business at the age of 15. At the age of 17, Drew Paul graduated high school early and with honors.

He then studied International Business with a minor in Art and Design at St. Petersburg College and graduated with an Associate in Arts Degree in 2003. Afterwards, Drew attained several high profile internships with companies including Rainbow Art and Design, which led to a position as lead designer and IPP, inc. which led to positions in upper management. Drew Paul’s education continued studying International Business at the University of South Florida in 2006, while operating the first of his several marketing companies.

After beginning his professional career, he pursued graduate program studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Drew Paul also trained through the University of California’s Berkeley School of Music to attain his certification as Audio Engineer.

For a period of ten years whilst living in Miami, Florida, Drew Paul gained insight from an enlightening mentorship with Former US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Dr. Steve Pieczenik, MD, PhD whose body of work includes acting as State Department official under Henry Kissinger, membership to the Council on Foreign Relations, over two dozen New York Times Bestsellers and membership to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Following in the footsteps of his grandfather, Drew Paul was ordained as a minister in 2016 and was granted his Doctorate in Divinity shortly thereafter based on his dissertational research.

Drew Paul currently holds the U.S. patent rights for four inventions in the fields of Alternative Energy, Marketing and Software Development. Drew Paul is the author of two books containing over seven scientific papers pertaining to the field of Applied Physics.

In 2008, Drew Paul is credited for the development of the first Website Builder of its kind.

Drew Paul was awarded the 2012 Citizen Life Saving Award by Tampa Police Chief, Jane Castor, the OSHA Excellence Award, and was recognized by the National Safety Council with the award of the Distinguished Service to Safety Award.

He was awarded the Dade County Young Entrepreneur Award in 2013 and was rated #1 Graphic Designer in Miami for two successive years in 2013 and 2014.

In 2015, Drew Paul founded the INUNI Organization, the Initiative for National United Nations Intervention.

Drew Paul was awarded as the Grand Prize Winner of the 2015 Make Energy Challenge- International Challenge sponsored by Arizona State University, Apple Computers, Arduino, The Rep Rap Organization, Laboratorio para la Ciudad, New America, Green Momentum and Technologico de Monterrey for his contributions to the development of alternative energy solutions.

In 2016, Drew contributed to the Grand Prize winning submission to the 27th Annual Carnegie Institute of Science’s Fundamental Physics Competition.

Drew Paul has worked as Audio Engineer and Producer alongside Grammy nominated and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame artists. He was the founder of The Studio 305 and Lead Audio Engineer at the historical Blue Note.

Drew Paul is the owner and founder of nine businesses ranging from marketing and media production to industrial science and alternative energy.

Drew Paul is a free thinker. Once described as a “free radical,” Drew is determined to push the boundaries of what is possible. Guided by the belief that “All is One,” Drew Paul is driven to contribute more to this world than he takes.

Drew keeps a hand in multiple public projects and a hand in several personal passions.

A revolution is upon us.

“The only difference between a scientist and a magician is that a scientist tells you how it’s done.”
-Drew Paul