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So, I used to produce a segment on this really popular internet show with 100 million viewers, and I worked for a man that had a recurring role, and there was this other dude that often had a segment after ours, so I saw him in the news one day and reached out. I thought why not?

He is an icon, world famous, Grammy lifetime achievement award, big time, and what do you know, he picks up the phone! We shoot the shit and he says come on down to Atlanta to meet. I said sure and drove all night to get there.

We meet up and it’s him and his wife, an R&B singer from the 90s, and we meet at this super cool cafe, you know the kind of place that serves avocado toast and lattes and shit, and we sit and talk for hours about this conspiracy show we used to both work with and the state of the world and the music industry and the future of his career, and as we are sitting there people keep coming up to the table giving him daps. He’s like, “that dude is on the Billboard 100 right now,” a big dude in a mask stops by to show respect, “that’s the Weeknd,” he said.

We hit it off. I present a few ideas. He’s in. Afterwards we shake hands and make a deal and now I do his website.

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