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See what it takes to run Madison Avenue’s hottest ad agency,

Drew Paul at 12:41 am, July 9, 2022 -

Ok, so here is what it takes for me to keep all the balls in the air. I get an email two weeks ago. My office building is not renewing the lease. Two weeks notice. I have been there like five years. I have staff, offices, mail, phone, servers and on and on. It is my dream office and I’ve worked hard to get here. Like really hard and really long. (insert quote from The Office) I finally got a Madison Avenue address, I am finally settled and thought this would be my office for years to come.

So, what do I do? I turn a negative into a positive. Fortunately, I have been with this leasing company for over a decade since I started off in Miami. I found a new office, Mad Ave address and it is already painted in my company colors. I am out of town though, 2 days drive away. So, let’s see how many birds I can kill with one stone.

I get to town on a holiday, July 4th. I scope out the office. It’s nice. Even skyscrapier than the last. Perfect location. I am being featured on a TV show at the end of the month and the producers need some b-roll. I get my photographer. The streets of NYC were empty and we shoot all morning. Next day, check out the office, move staff, set up phones, mail, offices. Set up a meeting while I’m in town. Another meeting over lunch? I can squeeze that in. Business conference? I make an appearance. Hitting the ground running. What else can I do? What about a presentation? Make some calls. Times Square? No notice? A crowd of 10,000 eager listeners? I’m there!

Party like a rockstar.

Next day, I’m out.

That was my Tuesday.

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