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New feature on DesignNews.com

Again, my research is picking up steam… or should I say solar! Learn how to increase the output of any solar array with this novel configuration. My data shows a possible output increase of 670%. SEE THE ARTICLE AT: https://www.designnews.com/gadget-freak/how-optimize-your-solar-panel-array/79666661959081

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Easy Tesla Coil

​Wireless electricity is here! From wirelessly powered lighting to wireless chargers and even wireless smart homes, wireless transmission of power is an emerging technology with innumerable applications. A light bulb powered with no wires? A cell phone charger that doesn’t need to be plugged in?…

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Featured in this month’s Design News

If you haven’t already, check out my article on DesignNews.com https://www.designnews.com/gadget-freak/how-build-electromagnetic-levitation-device/29028541657981

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