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I’m not sure if anyone gives a crap but I figured I’d give a shout out. I want to give a thank you for a significant contribution to making one particular ambition of mine possible.

I have been an artist since childhood. I then moved to a fledgling artist’s community in Miami to pursue my aspirations in both the recording arts as well as visual arts. I have since shifted my focus to commercial art, I run a Madison Ave. marketing agency in NYC now. That burgeoning neighborhood has since developed into an art capital of the world and recently hosted Miami’s Art Week in conjunction with Art Basel 2021.

Wouldn’t you know it. After all these years, I was invited to display my work at a gallery during Art Basel- Miami, the most exclusive and highly anticipated art convention in the world.

I was exuberant for the opportunity but conflicted to choose a piece for submission. I then reflected upon the theme of the gallery’s curation: “Love Lost.” I was reminded of some pieces from my 2013 collection, Skin Abstract- 48”x48” and Skin Abstract- 36”x24”. With a figurative shoehorn and a little creativity I re-imagined these works, originally meant to be provocative and sexy, to fit the theme by envisaging the image of those that we love rippling away like “the blowing of winds” or “the passing of the tides.”

 It worked! The pieces were accepted and set to be the featured work in a gallery during Miami’s Art Basel!

There was a problem though. These old large format mixed medias needed work, re-stretching, touch-up paint and that still might not do it to restore these old pieces sitting in a storage unit to “gallery quality” condition.

Final Touches- Skin Abstract 36×24
Nov 25, 2021

It took a steady hand and a good paint match and I finally got these stretched and restored. But, even after knocking the dust off and fixing the damage, they still looked dull and dingy, almost like they had been sitting in a warehouse for 8 years. So, what was I to do?

Cue Art Resin! I was apprehensive at first, sure. If this didn’t work I would ruin my paintings- and obliterate my chance to be featured during Art Basel, my dream. But I read the little pdf instruction manual and ordered a couple gallons. The stuff went on like water. The estimated amount was perfect including plenty for overflow. It dried rock hard and smooth like glass with the only defect being the mark from a single drop of my sweat in the top right corner of one of the pieces- perfect.

The work was left to dry until the very last minute before they had to be packed, crated and delivered to Miami, over 1,000 miles away.

Even after (admittedly) cutting the dry time short to meet my schedule, the pieces made it to Miami unscathed. After arriving halfway across the country, with the help of a gallerist I carefully removed them from the crate and packing. The finish was pristine!

The opening night was an immense success and the pieces were the showcase of the event. They shone brilliantly and looked even better than when they were first painted years ago. They were gazed upon by international art buyers and Miami art royalty alike. They not only made people want to cry; they made people want to buy!

I thank the gallerists at Love Lost for putting this all together, I thank the girl who broke my heart and inspired me to do this, and I thank Art Resin! Without the new finish they would have looked like crap. With a fresh coat of this Art Resin, these pieces fit in with that of world-renowned artists and world-class work. They were publicized, positively reviewed and viewed by thousands of discerning art lovers from around the world. So, that Art Resin is some pretty good stuff or whatever ; ) )

Carlyyyy at 6:15 pm, March 10, 2022 -

beatiful drew

Steven Bourderly at 6:18 pm, March 10, 2022 -

you know this is a trend right now and i always wanted to try it out to use it and these came out really really nice where did you get the glossy resin?

Drew Paul at 6:23 pm, March 10, 2022 -

This is the stuff I used: 10/10 – Highly recommend!

Martha at 7:09 pm, March 10, 2022 -

Very nice

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