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So, I am in marketing and I run the hottest agency on Madison ave. right now. Part of my job is producing and directing TV commercials and stuff.

So, long story short, the other day I arrived on set and only two-thirds of my talent showed up. The script called for three roles for a 30 second ad spot. “So, how are you going to produce the ad with one girl missing?,” one of the models asked me. So, I answered. “I am certainly not going to provide my client with 2/3 the product…. I am going to produce double!”

So, here is what I did. I adjusted the script on the fly, produced two commercials simultaneously and had each model do all three parts in their own commercial. Afterwards, someone on set asked me “How did you come up with that?! How did you take two-thirds the resources and make double the output?” I looked them in the eye and told them, “Poverty.”

Poverty sucks, yea. But it makes us resilient, it makes us creative, it makes us strong af! I used to take two-thirds of a bag of beans or whatever and make it last two weeks. Now, I use those same skills I developed during the hard times to become the best in my industry. The same skill set applies to producing $100,000 ad campaigns as it does to a $1 bag of beans.

If you are reading this, I hope that this story resonates with you, empowers you, and gives you a glimpse of the bright future ahead for you!

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